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TRANSLATION is like interpreting the painting of an artist. It requires a thorough perception of the work for an impeccable representation. Humans have the ability to identify emotions in writing and appreciate the use of creative language. Our works reflect these attributes in volumes. With the best team of linguists working for us, we boast of having the best brains and working in all domains. Contact us now and experience the difference.



TRANSCRIPTION is not just typing down a voice file. It means something beyond that. A transcriptionist needs to understand the need, emotion and objective of the speaker to ensure the highest quality transcription. At PM we hire and train the best transcriptionists to achieve this. We make sure you get the best service at an affordable rate. Contact us now as our services are also tailor-made to meet your specific needs.



SUBTITLES translation is an art which can change the entire perspective of the viewer. We understand how important it is to the viewer. The way our subtitles are deftly handled speaks volumes of the remarkable thought that our think-tank team who puts into it. Try us out now and we promise to make a difference.



CONTENT WRITING is synonymous with meaningful, thought provoking and creative writing. Content which compels the reader to imagine, think and draw inspiration is the content which is sought. Every website or product has a specific target audience and content which identifies and addresses this need is paramount. We understand you need this and our team of expert ‘authors’ provide this very need to you.





Language is an Art, and linguists are Artists! at PerceptionMinds, we recruite artists of all sectors.



When quality is our soul, Versatility is our beauty. Our expert linguists, cherry picked from all major domains, has made us a complete language service provider that is confident and expert. Our continued success in handling critical projects from domains such as, Legal, Finance, Medical, Scientific, Education etc. has made us an obvious choice to our core clients.


Government Projects –    Legal and infrastructural projects from Bangladesh Government, Multiple projects from Indian Government (Dept. of Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Education)

Software –     eLearning, medical, banking (App), technical.

Academics – MBA lectures of premium B-Schools, Technical books of Govt. Institutes,

Websites – Travel, educational, horoscope.

Instruction Manuals - Automobiles, gadgets.

Documents – Financial, Government Sector, Legal, Educational, Entertainment etc.

Books – Autobiography, Magazines, Educational.

Legal – Government letters, notifications, high profile case files- extradition appeals, charge sheets and affidavits.



PerceptionMinds is one of the fastest growing language service providers in India. At PerceptionMinds, our primary focus is to provide the fastest and the most accurate translation/content development/transcription/subtitling service to our clients. We have our own in-house pool of talents, who are native, thoughtful, experienced and brilliant linguists working efficiently and capable of delivering projects under strict deadline environment. We follow a well-structured and streamlined process which ensures best quality service and satisfaction to all our clients. We have 10 years of rich experience working with major projects in the domains which include Software, Websites, Instruction Manuals, Documents and Books.

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